Zenox Public Affairs

At Zenox Public Affairs, we believe in multidisciplinary approaches in equipping ourselves with the best decision-making and policymaking tools when addressing lobbying in Cyprus. For one thing, our society, businesses, and state institutions have all suffered in the past from one-sighted tools that left other key sectors unaddressed. As such, our team has a diverse background, incorporating a variety of insights from different fields and industries, be it political, legal, financial, or communications, just to name a few. Our in-house experts also provide additional consultations at each and every step of the lobbying and drafting process, in order to ensure the best possible outcome with each and every client. 

 Zenox Public Affairs is a startup that wishes to evolve further into a public affairs and government relations social enterprise. The name "Zenox" is a portmanteau of Zenon of Citium and the non-profit organisation Oxygono. We provide solutions to the policymaking process through lobbying and other services. We address the gap in the Cypriot market by providing a solid platform for communication and interaction between organisations and businesses, and political officials.

As a result, Zenox Public Affairs does not offer mere consulting services. Rather, we focus on a detailed step-by-step process that ensures a direct channel of communication and access to the policymaking process. Our founding principles are deeply rooted in transparency, justice, and the upholding of the integrity of all decision-making, legislative, and political institutions in the Republic of Cyprus. These principles are of paramount importance in ensuring our fight against corruption, proper due diligence, and thorough business integrity. Through our activities, our aim is to contribute towards upgrading the quality of life of Cypriot citizens and the strength and viability of companies, enterprises, and other organisations.