Policymaking redefined

We are committed to changing the policymaking process. Our founding principles are deeply rooted in transparency, the upholding of the integrity of all decision-making, legislative, and political institutions, by introducing lobbying in these activities in the Republic of Cyprus.

What Zenox Public Affairs does


We engage with all legal entities wishing to shape the policymaking process in a transparent way.

Consulting services

We offer a range of consulting services, research and analysis, and legal and communications support, depending on each case.


Transparency in the legislative process

We offer the opportunity for open, transparent access to the legislative process through our own e-database.


Through our Nomoplatform™ database, managed by Oxygono and powered by Zenox, we present our fellow citizens with the full updates regarding all pending legislation and draft bills at the House of Representatives. 

Cyprus Forum

The Cyprus Forum 2020 is an independent, non-profit annual conference organised by Oxygono in association with the Delphi Economic Forum and Zenox as communication partner. The conference aims to bring positive change through dialogue. In turn, additional pledges, actions, and results will follow, improving and promoting sustainable and socially responsible policies in Cyprus and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.